Not all sun filters blinds are created equally

Not all sun filters blinds are created equally

When choosing sun filter blinds to provide UV protection, daytime privacy and cooling for your home, there are lots of variables to consider.

Opacity / Openness

This is the openness of the weave. While the majority of sun filters have ~5% openness, but some brands also offer 2% or 3% which are great for north facing and extremely hot spaces or 10% where maximising the views out are the priority.

Fabric composition

Most sun filter blinds made from Polyester and/or vinyl. All sun filter blinds A-One Blinds sell are Low-VOC and we even offer a sun filter made from bio-based plasticizers instead of fossil fuel based plasticizers.

Fabric construction

Sun filter blinds with a thin or fine appearance are often a 2 x 1 weave, whereas ‘chunkier’ looking fabrics such as Aventus is a 2x2 basket weave – which will often hang straighter and won’t stretch.


Black and charcoal sun filter blinds are easier to see through than lighter colours, but often trap heat between the blind and the window, whereas white sunfilters are harder to see through but won’t absorb as much heat.


The Blue Scale score is a measure of the relative resistance a fabric may have to UV.  The scale runs from 1-8, the higher the rating the more resistant the fabric will be to potential fading.

So, lots to consider and if you want advise from the team who do this every day, just touch base, we would love to chat.