The joy of motorised roller blinds

The joy of motorised roller blinds

As a working mum, every minute counts. Between juggling work, family, and home life, I often find myself wishing for a little more time in the day. That’s where my new motorised blinds come in – they’re not just a window covering; they’re a time-saving miracle.

Ease of Installation Gone are the days of struggling with a cords and chains.  My motorised blinds were a breeze to install and now I can open and close my blinds with the press of a button.  To install, all I had to do was take out the chain end of the blind and put the battery motor in. So easy!

Programmable Settings With the Wifi Hub, I love that I can set my Motorised roller blinds to open and close at specific times. My blockout blinds are set to automatically open at 7am on weekdays - which is great to get the kids out of bed! I’ve got the sunfilter blinds to lower automatically in the early afternoon – it’s perfect for letting in morning light and providing privacy in the afternoons.  The blockout blinds then automatically close before the sun goes down – perfect for keeping the house warmer in winter.

Safety First With children & an excitable dog in the house, safety is always a top priority. The cordless design of my motorised blinds means there is no risk of entanglement, giving me peace of mind 

Energy Efficiency By controlling the amount of sunlight that enters my home, I can keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which helps reduce my energy bills

Aesthetics and Comfort Not only do they function beautifully, but they also add a touch of elegance to my home. The smooth operation & sleek unobtrusive design makes them a stylish additions to any room.  Plus no chains to get in the way!

In conclusion, motorised blinds have been a fantastic investment for me. They’ve made my life easier and more comfortable – one press of the button and all the blinds open and I’m onto other jobs (like making breakfasts and lunches) allowing me to focus on what really matters – morning cuddles with my kids!

I hope this blog post resonates with other busy parents out there who are looking for ways to simplify their lives without sacrificing style or comfort. Motorised blinds are definitely worth considering! 

Melissa Olsen - A-One Blinds