venetian blinds

Timber vs. PVC or Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds offer elegance and functional light control to any home. But which ones are right for you?

Our Truwood Timber Venetian’s are made from Marupa, an extremely durable and lightweight timber. Marupa is sourced from sustainable plantations and each Marupa slat is coating with the latest VOC-free UV coating to ensure lasting protection and years of hassle-free blinds. Our blades are 50mm or 60mm wide and will not crack, fade or blister.

Our Ecowood PVC Venetian blinds are made from a Polymer-based PVC and have excellent colour uniformity and consistency. Our Ecowood Venetians use a leading-edge material which can withstand high humidity areas due to its non-porous surface. Due to the heavier weight of the PVC material, we only offer Ecowood Venetians blinds in 50mm. Ecowood PVC blinds area heavier that than our Truwood blinds but are very durable and can handle small knocks, which may cause scratches or dents to our Truwood blinds.

In general, we recommend Truwood Timber Venetian blinds for living areas and bedrooms due to its greater thermal properties and lighter weight. We recommend Ecowood PVC Venetians for high humidity areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.The great news is that our 50mm White Ecowood and 50mm White Truwood blinds look similar, so these are often used together in our customers homes, to achieve a consistent look, while providing different functional benefits.


Venetian blinds should be regarded as static blinds and only raised to clean windows and/or get to the window latch. Assist the lift by helping lift the bottom bar wherever possible. It is not recommended that any Venetian blinds be frequently raised and lowered due to the weight of the blind.

How to care for your Venetian Blinds:

Regular dusting with a fluffy or static duster is the key to maintaining the overall appearance of your blinds - do not put a wet sponge directly onto a dusty slat as it will simply smear the dust and dry that way!  If your Ecowood PVC blinds do require more extensive cleaning, use a dry cloth first to remove as much dust off each slat as possible, then use a soft cloth with mild soapy lukewarm water.

Never use water or a wet cloth or sponge to clean Truwood Timber shutters as this may cause the timber to warp or split.