Blackout Blinds

Whether you work odd hours or simply prefer a completely dark room, our range of blackout roller blinds is for you. They fully black out a room, which is perfect for better sleep, privacy, and a warmer home in winter. But they’re not just practical – our blackout roller blinds are also attractive, giving you comfort without sacrificing style.

Roller blinds fit discreetly into most windows, so they don’t ‘shrink’ a room by taking up space the way curtains do. Roller blinds are usually mounted within a window frame, but can be externally mounted if this works better in your home. The mounting depends on the specific features of your window or door, the location of handles or latches, whether your blinds will be used alongside curtains, and your preferred aesthetic for the room.

Most roller fabric comes in 3 metre widths, although 3.2 metres is also an option. For larger windows, or for ranch sliders and stacker doors, we use two or three blockout roller blinds, splitting them where the vertical mulleins on the joinery are and using links to minimise the gaps in between.

Our blackout roller blinds come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and colours, and you can choose from the following styles:

Standard – Plain colour, hard-wearing fabrics, easy to wipe down and spot-clean. Examples include Vibe and Duo Block.

Premium – Textured fabrics, usually with a white acrylic backing for thermal protection. We love Jersey, Linesque, Mantra or Le Reve collections.

Patterned – For a real wow factor, choose patterned fabrics like the Louvolite roller fabric range from the UK.

You’ll be pleased to learn our blackout roller blinds are the cheapest window covering option per square metre, giving you a completely darkened room at an affordable price. They’re also a great choice if you or a family member has asthma, as dust tends to accumulate on curtains.

Our blockout roller blinds can be used with sun filter and light filter blinds on combination brackets. To take your blinds to the next level, you can opt to motorise them with either hard-wired or battery-operated motors.

Stylish warmth, affordable privacy. If this is what you’re after, you’ll love the blackout roller blinds at Tauranga’s A-One Blinds.

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